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The Future of Healthcare is Beyond the Digital Front Door: It’s Time to Rethink Consumerism

Today’s healthcare organizations are desperately trying to figure out how to digitally transform to create a retail-like consumer experience that aligns with their business strategy. But most are at a loss for how to accomplish their goals or are still clinging to the false hope that their patient portal or digital front door will eventually solve the problem. 

Healthcare organizations must quickly figure out how to compete against the many non-traditional healthcare providers who have mastered the art of making it convenient for consumers to do business with them.

Learn more about how to create the retail-like health journey that consumers are demanding, and how healthcare organizations can move beyond just the digital front door.

Key points:
  • The consumer experience in healthcare today, patient portals and current expectations 
  • Why healthcare providers need to deliver more than just a patient portal 
  • What’s needed to shift from a fragmented experience to a consumer-centric one, the key stages in transformation 
  • The key business impacts to meeting consumer expectations