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CRM And Digital Transformation – A Roadmap for Improved Consumer Experiences in Healthcare

Healthcare is in the early stages of a multi-year digital transformation journey. Over the past few years, leading health systems have significantly invested in telehealth, digital front doors, and virtual care programs. Driven by growing consumerism, increased workloads, and an acute labor shortage, healthcare enterprises are looking to harness their technology investments to improve experiences, enhance productivity, and drive better outcomes for their patient and member populations.

In this context, the notion of customer relationship management, or CRM, has gained ground in the past few years. While CRM has been around for a couple of decades in traditional consumer-oriented sectors such as retailing, hospitality, and banking, it has been slow to come to healthcare. The reasons include a lack of a true “consumer” focus, the absence of competition, and the dominance of employer-based insurance in a fee-for service reimbursement model.