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KLAS First Look Report: Damo Consulting Digital Transformation 2022


Overall customer satisfaction score


Clients Will buy

The 2022 KLAS First Look report evaluates Damo Consulting’s client experience and overall customer satisfaction for organizations that have engaged with Damo Consulting on a digital transformation project. 100% of Damo Consulting clients confirm they will buy Digital Transformation advisory services again.


Robust executive

The firm's nimbleness and ability to deliver

Robust framework and methodologies







Improved Customer Experience

Improved Value

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Bottom line

Clients find Damo Consulting to be highly engaged and focused, resulting in strong perceptions of the firm’s ability to execute and meet expectations. Executive involvement is also rated very high. Many appreciate Damo Consulting’s specialty approach to digital transformation and say the firm doesn’t try to oversell.

The digital maturity model used by Damo Consulting is well designed and provides a good foundation for evaluating an organization’s digital technology capabilities and strategies.

KLAS’ Points to Ponder

Damo Consulting provides a well designed digital transformation model that is used to assess organizational status for digital capabilities. Model assessments allow the firm to establish effective road maps, digital strategies, and governance frameworks. Damo Consulting’s experience results in well-designed and planned digital processes and workflows. The firm’s clients consider them nimble, attentive, and customer focused.

Mike Davis

HCIT market research and analysis expert with 40+ years of experience