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Developing a vendor governance and operating model for digital transformation for implementing a CRM solution

Key points:

a multi-year digital transformation program, enterprise-wide CRM implementation, need for multiple solution providers, a robust foundational blueprint for vendor governance

Client: A large regional physician-led health system

The client is a large regional physician-led system serving over 3 million patients, and comprised of approximately 30,000 employees, 10 hospital campuses, two research centers, and a health plan serving over 550,000 members

The need for a vendor governance model to implement and maintain CRM solutions

As a part of a multi-year digital transformation program, the client was looking to implement CRM solutions as strategic business enablers. Target functions included marketing, patient contact center operations, and health plan member relationship management. The program’s goals were to improve consumer experience and satisfaction and deliver superior service to internal and external stakeholders.

The client had selected Salesforce as the enterprise CRM platform and was in early stages of adopting CRM across the enterprise. The client engaged Damo Consulting to develop a business operating model addressing the needs of different near-term users and stakeholder groups for CRM solutions. The client needed an IT governance model to drive CRM adoption and implement large-scale solutions. Given the small internal team for CRM implementation, the client was looking to engage with multiple solution providers across the health plan and clinical enterprise. They needed a multi-vendor governance model for implementing and maintaining CRM solutions by different vendors.

Working with stakeholders to understand state of current implementations and vendor relationships

Damo Consulting’s team of digital strategists and CRM platform experts worked with a broad group of stakeholders, including IT and functional leaders, to understand the current state of various CRM implementations and the existing vendor relationships. In addition, we also interviewed multiple external groups, including other advanced users of Salesforce CRM, for best practices in multi-vendor governance. Based on these meetings and review of documentation related to CRM needs, we developed a high-level operating model for CRM for the enterprise.

Developing the vendor governance model with Damo ICEATM framework

Damo Consulting specializes in developing creative solutions for complex technology issues facing healthcare enterprises. Using the Damo ICEATM framework for vendor categories and attributes, we developed a tiered vendor governance model to guide the client in matching vendors to needs based on costs and complexity of the work involved. Finally, we identified a set of CRM governance aspects that the client would need to retain in-house. The impact assessment provided a robust foundational blueprint for a successful CRM program in future.

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